Temporary exhibitions

- L'art des dentellières d'Alençon #2

Le tapis de Sigmund

5 October - 2 January 2022
In partnership with Mobilier national

Le Tapis de Sigmund, based on a model by the artist Anne Deguelle, is the last work in Alençon lace executed by the lace-makers of the National Workshop op the Point d'Alençon. This masterpiece is the largest piece of Point d'Alençon lace executed by the Mobilier National to date. Its exceptional dimensions, the density and complexity of its iconographic program challenged the lacemakers for 10 years. It is presented for the first time to the public, accompanied by all the production documents allowing to apprehend the delicate work of interpretation of the lacemakers from the cartoons of contemporary artists.

This exhibition, in partnership with the Mobilier National, is part of a series of events designed by the Musée des Beaux-arts et de la Dentelle to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the inscription of the know-how of Alençon lace on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.


- Gaston Floquet

La matière à l’œuvre

12 October - 2 January 2022

In 1999, the Musée des Beaux-arts et de la Dentelle received an exceptional donation of 143 pieces by the artist Gaston Floquet (1917-2001), from his studio set up in 1972 in Saint-Rigomer-des-Bois (Sarthe). On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his death, the establishment pays tribute to him through the presentation of a representative set of his work.

A discreet and insatiable creator, Gaston Floquet was a singular artist. A free and curious spirit with an immense literary and artistic culture, he followed his own paths all his life, far from academic models and contemporary trends, but without ignoring them, letting himself be guided by his inner voices. They gave birth to thousands of works in two and three dimensions that reveal an alchemist of materials constantly experimenting, but also a gleaner of discarded objects to which he recognized a depth and a true nobility.

This retrospective exhibition was made possible thanks to the complicity of the association of the Friends of Gaston Floquet and with the help of the commune of Villeneuve-en-Perseigne.